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Closing Time Upright Piano.

Our extensive equipment list is the largest of any recording studio in the Midwest. From the most sought-after vintage gear to the newest products, you’ll find it all here. Create music with familiar instruments, or experiment with rare and unique items that provide the sound you’re looking for. Whatever you have in mind for your project, our equipment makes it possible. 


The best equipment only goes so far without an incredible space to use it. Thankfully, it’s all part of the package at Pachyderm. Learn more about our studio advantages including a professionally built live room and isolation booths.

The tools
to match
your talent.

Neumann U 47, U67, Telefunken 251 and AkG C 12 microphones.


48 Channel API Discrete

An API Discrete console.

Full Equipment List

  • Microphones
    AKG C 12 AKG C 24 AKG C 28 (2) AKG 414EB (4) AKG C12a (6) AKG C451 E AKG 190 (2) AKG D17 AKG D12E AKG D20 Neuman U47 (4) Neuman CMV (2) Neuman m7 capsule (2) Neuman m8 capsule (2) Neuman KM 53a (2) Neuman 184 (2) Neuman KM 254 Neuman KM 54 (2) Neuman KM 56 (4) Neuman KM 64 Neuman KM 49 Neuman MM 5 Neuman TLM 170 Telefunken ELA M-2 Telefunken ELA 251 Telefunken M 411 (2) Telefunken M 811 Telefunken M-280 (4) RCA 1129 RCA 44 (2) RCA 74 (2) RCA 77 (2) RCA BK-5 (2) RCA Ku3a (2) Royer 121 (2) Royer SF-12 Sennheiser 409 (4) Sennheiser 421 (4) Sennheiser 441 (4) Sennheiser 609 (2) Sennheiser MD 408 N Sennheiser MD 413 N Sennheiser MD 416 N Shure 330 Shure SM-57 (6) Stedman N90 Electro Voice re20 Electro Voice 664 Electro Voice PL 11 Electro Voice V1 (2) Altec 639A Beyer M88 (8) Beyer M 160 (4) Beyer M610 Bock 251 (2) Bock 507 (2) Calrec CM 1050 (2) Coles 4038 (6) Garnite-Schein SM 2030L Hamptone HDM-12 C12 Capsules (6) JK Maber Ribbon MR 15 Lucas CS-1 (2)
  • Mic Pre Amps
    Neve 1064 (8) Neve 1081 (8) Neve 1073 (4) Neve 1084 (4) Neve 1060 (2) Neve 1053 (2) Neve 1054 (2) Neve 1058 (2) API 212L (12) Telefunken V72 (4) Telefunken V78 (4) Helios Type 69 (10) Langivin AM-16 (8)
  • Guitar Pedals
    Electro Harmonix/Sovtek Big Muff Electro Harmonix Poly Chorus Electro Harmonix Memory Man Deluxe Electro Harmonix Graphic Fuzz Electro Harmonix Octave-Mulitplexer Sovtek Small Stone Mu-Tron Octave-Divider Mu-Tron Bi-Phase Moollon Fuzz Fourteen Boss Chorus Ensemble Boss Mega Distortion Boss Turbo Distortion Ross Phaser Ross Flanger Ross Compressor Ross Distortion Ross Phaser Roland Funny Cat Distortion Roland Double Beat Maestro Fuzz Musician Sound Design Fuzz Fender Fuzz Wah Gooby Bag Of Dicks Fuzz Guyatone Analog Echo ZVEX Fuzz Factory ZVEX Fuzzolo ZVEX Lo-Fi Loop Junky ZVEX Distortron ZVEX Octane ZVEX Box Of Rock ZVEX Sonar ZVEX Super Hardon ZVEX Wah Probe ZVEX Channel MXR Distortion + MXR Dyna Comp MXR Super Badass Jennings Fuzz Marshall Supafuzz Ibanez Double Sound Fuzz Ibanez Final Phase Ibanez Flanger Ibanez Metal Screamer Ibanez Metal Kay Fuzz Kay Wah Kay Boost Ibanez Stereo Chorus JHS Superbolt Radial JDI (4) Radial Pro AV-2 Radial Pro DI Little Labs pcp Distro 3.1
  • Keyboards
    Moog Model D Korg MS-20 Mini-Korg Univox Dark Energy Doepfer WIARD Modular System Synthesis Technology Modular System Apr Solus Module Moog Model D Modular Waldorf Q+ Waldorf Q+ Phoenix Edition Oxygen 49 Farfisa Louvre Kimball Upright Piano Harwood Upright Piano Wurlitzer Roland CompuRythm CR-68 Roland CompuRythm CR-78 Roland Rhythm Arranger Roland TR-606 Maestro Rhythm King
  • Drums
    Gretsch 24” Kick Stop sign badge Gretsch 22” Kick Stop sign badge Gretsch 13” Tom Stop sign badge Gretsch 13” Tom Stop sign badge Gretsch 14” Tom Stop sign badge Gretsch 16” Tom Stop sign badge Gretsch 18” Tom Stop sign badge Leedy 22” Kick Leedy 13” Tom Leedy 16” Tom Leedy 14” Snare Pork Pie 24” Kick Pork Pie 22” Kick Pork Pie 10” Tom Pork Pie 12” Tom Pork Pie 16” Tom Pork Pie 18” Tom Pork Pie Snare Ludwig 60s Supraphonic Snare Ludwig 70s Supraphonic Snare Ludwig 70s Acrolight Snare Pearl Maple Snare Zildjian Cymbals Zildjian Hi-Hats Zildjian Vintage Cymbals Paiste Cymbals Ufip Cymbals
  • Dynamics
    Teletronix LA-2A Urie 1176 Silverface (2) Urie 1178 ADR F760x Stereo Compressor ADR F601-RS Alan Smart C2 Altec 436 C EAR 660 Limiting Amp (2) Drawmer DS 210 (2) Drawmer DL 241 DBX 903 (6) Empirical Labs EL8 X (2) Inwards Connections TSL 3 Manley El-Op Neve 2254 Stereo Compressor Purple Audio 1176 (2) Retro Sta Comp Atomic Squeeze Box Stereo Thermonic Culture Vulture Tube Tech CL1B Telefunken ELA M-2 Tube Tech CL2A
  • FX
    AKG BX-10 AMS RMX-16 (2) Blue Coconut Echoverb Tape Delay (2) EMT 150 Plate Reverb Eventide H-3000 (2) Eventide Instant Flange Fulltone Tape Echo Lexicon PCM-42 Lexicon Super Primetime Delay Ursa Major Space Station Delay Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo MXR Flanger Doubler Premier 90 Tube Spring Verb
  • Guitar Amps
    Fender Twin 1968 Re-issue Fender Pro-Amp Vintage Fender Deluxe Vintage Marshall Super Lead 100 Marshall Super Bass 100 Marshall Basket weave 4x12 (3) Marshall 1974X Combo Orange CR 120H Orange 2x12 Cabinet Vox AC-10 Vox AC-30 Selmer Truevoice Selmer Thunderbird Twin Thirty Roland Jazz Chorus-120 Ampeg SVT vintage Ampef V4 vintage Ampeg B-15 vintage Silvertone 5xl Silvertone 10xl Silvertone twin Kay 702 Kalamazoo model 2 Metaltronix M-1000 Fortin Meathead
  • Guitars
    Gibson ES-335 60s Gibson SJ Acoustic 60s Guild Acoustic 60s Fender Telecaster Fender Stratocaster Fender Jazzmaster Fender Jaguar Fender Precision Bass Fender Jaguar Bass Nash Stratocaster Nash Telecaster
  • Monitors
    Dyn Audio M3 Dyn Audio M2 Dyn Audio MKII ATC scm-25a Yamaha NS-10 Adam S3A
  • Tape Machines
    ATR 102 1/2" Ampex MM1200 2” (24/12 track) Studer 827 2”
  • Converters
    Avid 16x16 (2) Lavery AD 122-96K MK III Avid Sync I/O
  • Equalizers
    API 560 (16) API 550B (32) Lang Pultec (2)
A Neve 1073, 1081, 1084, 1064, Helios Type 69, Telefunken V72 and V78.
An Ibanez Double Sound.
Equipment List
An RCA 44 microphone with a blurred background.

Recorded at Pachyderm

We take pride in the projects born in our studio.
Listen to some of the greatest tracks that were recorded here.


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A man playing guitar at Pachyderm Studio.
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