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Closing Time Upright Piano.

Our extensive equipment list is the largest of any recording studio in the Midwest. From the most sought-after vintage gear to the newest products, you’ll find it all here. Create music with familiar instruments, or experiment with rare and unique items that provide the sound you’re looking for. Whatever you have in mind for your project, our equipment makes it possible. 


The best equipment only goes so far without an incredible space to use it. Thankfully, it’s all part of the package at Pachyderm. Learn more about our studio advantages including a professionally built live room and isolation booths.

The tools
to match
your talent.

Neumann U 47, U67, Telefunken 251 and AkG C 12 microphones.


48 Channel API Discrete

An API Discrete console.

Full Equipment List

A Neve 1073, 1081, 1084, 1064, Helios Type 69, Telefunken V72 and V78.
An Ibanez Double Sound.
Equipment List
An RCA 44 microphone with a blurred background.

Recorded at Pachyderm

We take pride in the projects born in our studio.
Listen to some of the greatest tracks that were recorded here.


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A man playing guitar at Pachyderm Studio.
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