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Pachyderm Studio lodging interior spaces.

Our studio has an ambiance that puts musicians at ease, helping them get into flow and reach higher levels of performance. We provide a home recording studio experience by combining on-site lodging with decked-out recording spaces. This creates a comfortable, collaborative environment where musicians can focus on their project.


At Pachyderm, artists encounter an inspiring setting, a historic past and all the technology, equipment and production resources they need to follow in the footsteps of legends. You bring the talent. We’ll handle the rest.


Unique sound.

Pachyderm Studio recording area wide shot.
Pachyderm Studio recording area corner.

Settle into our studio.

We go out of our way to get artists in the zone. Our studio is packed with the cutting-edge gear it takes to fire on all cylinders. Its rooms are wired for sound to capture every ounce of creative talent. Take advantage of exceptional acoustics throughout our entire venue. A professionally built live room designed by Bret Theney of Westlake Audio will take your project to the next level.


Whether it’s the purposefully designed sightlines or the huge selection of vintage equipment and mics, our spaces leaves an impression. Surround your project with a stunning atmosphere to bring out its full potential.

Our spaces include:

  • A large live room

  • The Granite room

  • Up to four isolations booths

  • Large control room

  • Lounge

  • Full bathroom

Pachyderm Studio layout.
A guitar on a couch at Pachyderm Studio.

Nick Tveitbakk

Engineer and Producer

Born in Northern Minnesota to a music-making family, Nick has been playing and making music his entire life. After racking up Battle of the Band awards in high school, Nick moved to Minneapolis to train in recording engineering at McNally Smith School of Music. Quickly, he began working at legendary local studios, mentored by some of Minneapolis’s musical greats. Even while developing his engineering skills and knowledge of running and managing studios, Nick continued to make and play music with various artists, touring across the country. In 2001, Nick met John Kuker and quickly became his primary assistant in running Seedy Underbelly studios in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and New York City. When John bought Pachyderm in 2011, Nick was by his side, involved in every step of the studio’s rehabilitation. Since John’s death, Nick has served as Pachyderm’s studio manager and recording engineer, helping to realize John’s vision for the legendary studio. 

Nick has engineered and produced for many artists, including Beach House, Trampled by Turtles, The Jayhawks, Hippo Campus, Peaches, and The Cribs. He’s worked with and learned from celebrated producers like Nick Launay, John Agnello, Francois Tetaz, John Congleton, and Terry Manning. 

Nick brings an easy-going personality, a fine-tuned attention to detail, and well-honed professionalism in creating a comfortable studio experience for artists. Pachyderm is his labor of love, and he strives to ensure an experience for artists that is inspired, effortless, and productive

Nick Tveitbakk in Pachyderm Studio.
John Kuker playing a guitar.

John Kuker’s Vision

The Man, the Myth, the Legend. For those lucky enough to have met him, John Kuker left a lasting impression both creatively and inspirationally on each and every person he encountered. He had a passion for collecting unique things, he loved Ducati Motorcycles and vintage music equipment, just to name a few. John loved to read. His favorite author was Oscar Wilde. John was a very deep thinker. He could look at a topic or situation and voice his opinion in a way that made you think. Other than piano lessons at a very young age, John was not instructed on how to play instruments. He would pick up almost any piece of equipment, and after playing around with it, he would figure out how to play. In his teenage years, he was in a band that would play at a small pizza joint near his home town. He truly loved the musical environment. After graduating high school, John attended the Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA, for music production. After one year in college, he tested out and graduated early, beginning his musical career. John had many friends and loved to socialize. He was the life of the party and was well-liked


As a champion of local bands, John opened Seedy Underbelly studios in downtown Minneapolis In the mid 90's. Many amazing records were recorded there, including work by local artists such as: The Soviettes, Johnny Lang and Semisonic. Other national musicians recorded albums at the Seedy Underbelly Studios as well. 

Early 2000s

In the early 2000’s, the building which the studio occupied was sold. At that time, John relocated Seedy Underbelly to a studio in Los Angeles, CA, which was formerly owned by a founder of the band Toto. Over the next 10 years, a plethora of records took shape in the Laurel Canyon oasis. Artists such as Nick Cave, Arcade Fire and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs recorded sessions and created albums in the California studio.

Summer 2011

In the summer of 2011, John rescued Pachyderm Studio from foreclosure. John would once again have a legendary studio and his home in Minnesota. The studio was dilapidated and neglected over time, the 20 years of prior recording had also taken its toll. For 2 years, John’s vision, ingenuity and soul focused on making this renovation and restoration. An insurmountable attention to detail and fine tuning was put into the project to make sure both the house and the studio were restored to their former glory. Many of the items that have been restored were reconstructed to the period correct era when Pachyderm was in its heyday.

Early 2015

In early 2015, just as Pachyderm was gaining momentum and ready to go, sadly, John passed away. Since John’s passing, the studio has been acquired by his family and will continue to operate as a recording studio. John’s family and Pachyderm Studios goal is to carry out John’s legacy to be an unstoppable and driving force in helping artists and bands have an idyllic, comfortable and inspirational environment to work. His vision, wisdom and energy can be experienced all throughout the property. It is truly one of a kind.

Pachyderm Studio old and new exterior photos.

In the News

A Teletronix leveling amplifier.


Pachyderm Studio Back
From Near Extinction

Listen to Nirvana’s 1993 In Utero album, from “Serve the Servants” to “All Apologies,” and you will be transported to the storied Pachyderm Studio, where the live room’s signature ambience imprints every track.

Pachyderm Studio lodging exterior behind elephant sculptures.


Stepping onto the secluded property, surrounded by woods and located off a country road, the appeal for artists hoping to focus on creating something unique is immediately apparent.

Spiral staircase in Pachyderm Studio lodging.


Pachyderm Studio on the Rise

There is no mistake, you are in the right place. Pachyderm beckons. The studio once still and silent is awash with people inside and out.

Pachyderm Studio recording area corner.


A new life for Pachyderm Studio

Driving down the county highway that leads to Pachyderm Studio, it's only natural to start to imagine all of the rock stars over the past 30 years who've made this same curious trek.

Explore the latest headlines to see what’s taking shape inside our studio.

Wide shot of the forest floor.

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