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An RCA 44 microphone.


Residential Recording Studio

A Boundless Studio Experience

Our recording studio makes waves deep in the woods of Minnesota. Venture 45 minutes south of the Twin Cities, and you’ll find us—we’re surrounded by lush pine forests, clear waters flowing between limestone cliffs, and wildlife that sings its own tune. Legends have built legacies here, inspired by our serene natural surroundings and an ambiance that stimulates moments of musical genius. Uncover an idyllic place to make your impact.

Pachyderm Studio exterior at night.
Pachyderm Studio lodging exterior.

The vibe for your vision.

A Neve Telefunken API Helios.


Set the Tone

A huge array of vintage equipment will help you get the iconic sound our studio is known for.

The band Nirvana with a dog in front of a fireplace.


A Storied Heritage

Follow in the footsteps of greatness. Renowned artists have changed the world with the music they created here.

Studio engineer viewing a monitor.


A Flexible Approach

We have an engineer available, or you can bring your own.

An RCA 44 microphone.


Make it Happen

Take advantage of 130+ mics, a wide array of instruments and more—all within reach.

A spiral staircaise inside Pachyderm Studio lodging.


Record in Comfort

Mid-century modern, on-site lodging ensures an easy transition from recording to relaxing, and vice versa.

A 1960s Gibson E-330 guitar.


Away From it All

Just south of Minneapolis-St. Paul. Worlds away from the bustle.

Tune out from the noise and into your creative potential. Our studio provides the perfect atmosphere for inspiration, along with all the gear you’ll need for effortless recordings. With state-of-the-art equipment at-hand, you can focus on making your project incredible.

Neumann U 47, U 67, Telefunken 251 and AKG C 12 microphones.

Recent Projects

Hear what's been going on at the studio.

Once Twice Melody album art.
Fallacy Actually album art.
Sugaregg album art.
Life is Good on the Open Road album art.
Pachyderm Studio lodging upper floor interior.
Pachyderm Makes a Comeback

After residential facility Pachyderm Studios opened in 1988 with its vintage Neve console and tranquil location, it became a Mecca for post-punk bands in search of great sound and a down-to-earth vibe. Highlights from the studio’s first act include seminal recordings by Soul Asylum, PJ Harvey and, of course, Nirvana.

In the News

Pachyderm Studio control room.
A Gibson Firebird guitar.
Pachyderm Studio gazebo exterior.

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